Transform Customer Experience in Lending with Digitization to Boost Revenue

21st Of March

3:00 PM (IST)

45 Minutes

The Financial services industry is in a flux triggered by evolving customer behavior, increasing expectations, channel proliferation, disruption, adoption of cutting-edge & innovative technologies and rapid digitization of business & society. Cost reduction, increasing top-line revenue and mitigating risk remain key drivers for the retail banking, lending and mortgage industries. Lenders are being challenged and must reinvent themselves to stay relevant and thrive. The good news? It isn’t too late.

During the webinar we will discuss about these topics:

–  Trends in Lending
–  Digitization of Lending
–  Digitization of Customer Experience in Lending
–  How platforms like SalesforceTM are Digitizing Lending
–  Case Studies
–  The Future of Lending


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Webinar Speakers

Deborshi Hazra

DEBORSHI HARZA (Lead Consultant – Fintech)
Deborshi has extensive experience of consulting FinTech companies in the online lending, peer-to-peer lending and marketplace lending space to provide technology solutions. He advises FinTech start-up firms, banks and mid-size financing companies to help them in their digital transformation journey. He has been involved in end-to-end lending digitalization projects covering origination, underwriting, servicing and collections, creating a single system of record for lending operations for online lending start-ups, mid-size financing companies and banks that involved usage of disruptive technological solutions.