Role of Salesforce™ in Small and Medium Business

  • Posted by: Ranjeeth Kumar

Speed is the essence of the business world. That’s true of nearly every aspect of our business, but it’s especially true of technology and the speed with which we adopt technological innovations critical to our business’ success.

Around the world, Small and Medium scale Business (SMBs) have become significant contributors to the GDP of the respective countries. In a progressing country like India, the role of the SMB sector in the overall growth of the economy is commendable. In India, we have witnessed SMB sector registering superior growth rates in the last few years on a consistent basis. Such consistent growth has led to increased complexity of business operations for the SMB players.

NASSCOM study states cloud services to be the key element for SMBs, the year on year CAGR is 15 percent, the IT Spending $ 18.5 billion by 2018, SaaS adoption by Indian SMBs is growing at a CAGR of 25 percent and is expected to reach $ 370 million (about INR 2,220 crores) by 2018.

This is amazing news, isn’t it?

We see immense opportunity in the SMB sector, but what is stopping the SMB sector to adopt technology? Possibly, the need to properly identify the technologies which is a daunting task and critical to their success is dissuading SMBs from adoption. Once they do done that, the next crucial step would be to actually proceed with the implementation.

Identifying mission-critical technologies is a relatively simple exercise.

According to Karen Quintos, Chief Marketing Officer at Dell, “We know that security, cloud, mobility and big data are the top IT priorities in all industries, but we need a deeper understanding of the practical realities of how companies are using these technologies today and what, if anything, is preventing them from unleashing their full potential.”

Below are the some of the many problems faced by the SMB sector:

  • Lack of in-house expertise
  • Lack of knowledge about Cloud computing
  • Do not know to implement
  • Current way of working
  • Lack of Knowledge and Training

All of the above problems could be eradicated with the help of Salesforce, which is really a boon for the SMB sector.

Salesforce has many products such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Wave Analytics, Platform and Apps all of which caters to solve the above mentioned problems.

Salesforce, at their annual Dreamforce Conference, had presented a dedicated keynote for Small and Medium business. The Small and Medium Business customers are getting the exact same technology platform as the Enterprise customers. Salesforce allows customers to compete with the giants of their industry. Salesforce platform enables you to compete on a much higher level, the competitive advantage is the combination of the platform and how it’s tailored to support SMB business needs.

For Small and Medium business, success with Salesforce can be realized by leveraging best practices and ensuring that it is configured to support business processes. When done right, the Salesforce platform can drive efficiencies, provide insightful information and spawn fanatical user adoption. The SMB sector is fast coming out of the “conservative” mind-set when it comes to technology and IT adoption. The judicious adoption and end-to-end implementation of the collaborative solutions from Salesforce would greatly help the SMB players to achieve the next level of operational excellence.

Author: Ranjeeth Kumar

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