Real Estate Moving Towards Salesforce™ CRM

  • Posted by: Harshita Tiwari

For every industry, it is very important to stay ahead. Speed is always a key factor when it comes to Real Estate industry. Real estate is mostly about maintaining relationships between buyers, sellers and brokers. Salesforce CRM can really transform the real estate companies’ business. It can improve many aspects of the way they work and make decisions.

Some of the vital factors which can make a huge difference in the success of the real estate companies:

1. Get real time information anywhere

Information is key for any business. With the help of Salesforce CRM, Sales reps can get access to any information while they are on field. Salesforce CRM can also be accessed through compatible mobile devices. Having real-time information regarding inventory booking can reduce the conflicts between Sales reps and help them to close the deal.

2. Capturing and Closing Deals

With maintained list of Leads and Opportunities, Sales reps are always up-to-date in terms of verifying leads, tracking the stage in which the opportunity is lying and what are the next steps required to close it. They can avoid skipping any leads which could be turned as a closed-won opportunity for them. By implementing Salesforce marketing tools, they can also automate their marketing plan to continuously keep in touch and follow up with the clients.

3. Analytics

No longer required to process the huge raw data and then get the desired results, with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards features, Users can fetch the required information anytime, anywhere. Through reporting, the Management team can also keep the track of the building pipeline and the potential revenue for the coming months/quarters.

4. Better Service and Reduce Workload

By using Customer and Partner Communities, real estate companies can offer Customer Payment Management, updates of their property’s status, feedback mechanism, referral programs and much more. This self-service portal would reduce the work load and provide customers a better experience. Operational and servicing efficiencies can also be increased by making intuitive user interfaces, which are fast loading and responsive.

By implementing Salesforce CRM, real estate businesses can really lower their operating cost with increased service levels and fasten the process of decision making. Some ET Marlabs customers have already taken the step and leveraging the benefits of using Salesforce, the world’s no.1 CRM platform.

Author: Harshita Tiwari

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