Natively Built Accelerators save effort and promote innovation

  • Posted by: Sachin Chincholi

In our experience of working on a large number of projects, most of them simultaneously, has led us to think about working on reusable components/accelerators which would not only minimize the manual effort, but also give us an opportunity to enhance and innovate over time, rather than starting from scratch each time.

This set the platform for us to revisit all our projects and put a list of areas where we thought we could build them as accelerators for our future projects post discussions with mentors. We shortlisted on Lazy Loading, a natively-built solution to dynamically read the data file from other systems and create tables and associated permissions.

More importantly, to initialize either the one-time upload or recurring uploads on one click of a button, without a single line of code to write.

Currently, the Beta version of the same has been tested in a couple of projects, resulting in 1/7th of the reduced effort for the module equivalent to 60~ man-hours on an average. Post feedback cycle, we would further need to tighten the nuts and bolts to make it a robust accelerator that can significantly reduce efforts in the future.

This journey has been amazing for us.

Apart from thinking about the current needs, it has also led us to think beyond. We were inspired to architect a scalable solution, which has helped in improving our business acumen, and understanding the industry needs, issues and solutions better.

Working on reusable components/accelerators has also taught us to nourish our ideas into tangible products that cater to various business needs. Lazy Loading serves across industry verticals – as it is built on a common need of flow of data from legacy system (or any existing system) into Salesforce.

Author: Sachin Chincholi

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