Sales Cloud™: Features that Make It Your Personal Assistant

  • Posted by: Arpita Bhawal

The new, super-charged, Sales Cloud™ is faster, smarter and sharper. As the world’s #1 Sales Platform, it is not an exaggeration to say that the current Sales Cloud™ features make it an able personal assistant to a sales rep, and better.

In fact, we could extrapolate that it’s time for all the sales reps of the world to move from paper to machine, irrespective of the size of the team or the company they are in. To be able to sell without boundaries (internal and external) and automate manual tasks, engage with customers and have complete knowledge of their previous transactions, and close the deal in the estimated time, is no longer impossible.

We are in the Intelligence Age where machines and machine learning are rapidly advancing technology and our understanding of business, customer experiences and thought processes involved in any transaction or interaction. We can now upgrade the sales process and change it for the buyer and the seller for positive and faster closures.

The most important factor for a sales rep to consider is that Sales Cloud™ takes nearly everything off the plate.

Let’s see some of the features that make this possible:

  • Einstein, the Artificial Intelligence: Sales Cloud™ has the smartest AI for CRM called Einstein, which is like a personal, virtual, data scientist who helps in Forecasting, Analytics and Prioritization of tasks. This built-in intelligence goes a long way to help a sales rep to predict what actions to take or how the sales strategy could change based on activities related to Lead Capture, Lead Scoring, Opportunity Insights and Account Insights.
  • One Platform: The seamlessness of Sales Cloud™ is noteworthy, because all the steps that a sales rep would have to take to complete a Call Report or close a sale, is on the same platform. This results in saving time and faster processing of the necessary paperwork, getting approvals and even updating the prospect on the spot with new information.
  • Pardot: This is a bonus because it is a smarter marketing automation tool that helps B2B companies build the pipeline and offer marketing automation to reach out to large groups of customers at scale.
  • Configure, Price, Quote: Also known as CPQ in Salesforce™, this software is a boon for sales reps. It is a tool to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. CPQ helps a sales rep calculate the price to offer; it generates the likely quotes and also allows the rep to track pricing trends.
  • Lightning: Lightning, which is a component based framework, has 700+ new, exclusive features encapsulated in 43 modules. Lightning Dialer, a super cool feature, can open up and call all the contacts for the sales rep. Moreover, a sales manager can customize the sales team’s dashboard to make it personal and compelling with My Lightning.
  • Salesforce Engage: With Salesforce Engage, sales managers can send out marketing email templates and add someone on to the email marketing campaign.

Sales Cloud™ is extendible to mobile, which means the sales team can be connected in real-time to the company and the leadership team, other departments like customer service or delivery, while it is on the field.

As evident, Sales Cloud™ has many benefits besides giving us a holistic view of all things that are super important in the sales process and critical for success on the field. Most important, the Salesforce™ Platform is secure and trusted; three times a year, Salesforce™ updates the application with advancements that can help you stay ahead with the best technology.

There are also thousands of trusted pre-built apps that you can download from the Salesforce™ App Exchange to further enhance the user experience for the sales team and customers. Since all these apps are built on the Salesforce™ Platform, they also get faster and smarter over time with every (update) release.

As a sales tool, a personal assistant, a data scientist and a field buddy, Sales Cloud™ hits it right out of the park.

Author: Arpita Bhawal

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