“Lead to Cash to Loyalty”: Not a CRM Myth with Sales Cloud™

  • Posted by: Arpita Bhawal

Customer expectations have changed.

As a marketer and a branding professional, I often note that in myself. When I look back to the year 2010, I find that my expectations of experiences from companies when buying a product or availing a service, was different then to what it is now.  Similarly, research proves *80% of business buyers (B2B) want the same experience as the other customers (B2C) when they are buying. Their expectations have altered now as well.

This is expected; an increasingly scary reality for companies who are witnessing the constant evolution in mindset and behavior of their customers, wondering how they should continuously adjust and handle the new expectations or fulfil experiences. After all, we are living in the Intelligence Age where every experience can be enhanced and maximized and heightened with Artificial Intelligence that is prevalent all around us.

Speaking of the sales experience, has it changed that much? The simple answer is YES, it has, and in order to transform the way sales teams work in the Intelligence Age, we need a smart, fast and effective CRM tool that goes beyond capturing leads and updating sales data.

Welcome to Sales Cloud™, the #1 Sales Platform from the world’s #1 CRM Platform and eco-system called Salesforce™.

Eighteen years ago, Salesforce™ started the CRM innovation with Sales Cloud™, which is still one of the best and foremost sales tools in the hands of thousands of people around the globe. Sales Cloud™ is designed and built to increase productivity and save time, which is a constant pain point for sales managers and sales reps. Sales Cloud™, by virtue of being a cloud-based app, wins points from the field force (sales team on the field) for providing mobility and convenience.

Essentially, sales reps want to simplify the complexity of the sales process that would help them to convert a Lead to Cash to Loyalty with minimum manual effort and maximum speed, from anywhere, anytime. Sales Cloud™ is the virtual assistant that helps them to achieve that goal. The application lets a sales rep to sell in the way he or she wants, and it connects customers to them in the way customers want. That is, in a sense, communicating value, which is one of the most important aspects of selling.

Often, we have heard sales reps fret over information that they don’t have or can’t get on time from other teams or departments like marketing or customer service, especially when they are on the field. Progressive and tech-savvy companies don’t expect their sales teams to perform miracles like, know everything about a customer from multiple sources and excel sheets, or close a deal like a magician without the right tools to quickly engage or arrive at a pricing that pleases the customer.

To go from Lead to Cash to Loyalty, what a sales team needs is a powerful CRM tool like Sales Cloud™, which will help it to focus on the customer’s needs, instead of manually collecting data, making dozens of phone calls to internal departments for information on the customer’s previous requirements, and spend 2-4 hours of the day filling out paperwork on the field, and then returning to the office late in the evening, to “log in” to the server and update the sales transaction details.

If you have ever sold to a large segment of customers spread across a 500-mile territory, you would know how hard it is to singlehandedly connect, capture, prioritize, track and follow-up with multiple prospects and leads during a work-week, away from the office desk, without new-age technology that lets you do your work without interruption. The customer experience, which is a series of transactions and conversations for the sales rep, is often a result of the collective involvement of the sales team and the customer service team; this experience could suffer greatly at every point of contact without organized, planned and synchronized efforts.

In such a scenario, as you already know, tackling various aspects of the sales process through multiple point solutions is not a very good idea. The sales rep would have to still do more work to collate the data and information into one place.

Sales Cloud™, which is one, unified, AI powered solution from Salesforce™, enables the sales rep to capture leads, gather data, organize, prioritize, make phone calls, chalk out the next steps, and suggest actions in such a way that it’s almost like going from the ‘Inbox to the Field’ at the click of a button.

Personalizing the customer experience is not a thing of the future, even in sales. With Sales Cloud™, successful sales teams around the world have used the 360-dgree view of the customer, which is an empowering feature, to convert Leads to Cash to Loyalty, and cross-sell or up-sell, depending on the customer relationship.

Some of our clients who use Sales Cloud™ in combination with Service Cloud™ are able to leverage the merits of the Salesforce™ eco-system, which includes a plethora of applications designed to work across industry verticals and functions. With intelligence built in and free upgrades three times a year, users of Sales Cloud™ are likely to stay in sync with the advancements in CRM technology and also, way ahead of their competition.

In conclusion, it is not a CRM myth to state, Lead to Cash to Loyalty is possible now with Sales Cloud™.

Reference: The Annual State of Marketing Report 2018 by Salesforce™

Author: Arpita Bhawal

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