How SandD was Born

  • Posted by: Maulik Doshi

Selling and Distribution automation has become an area of strong expertise for ET Marlabs.

We’ve been delivering customized solutions to automate field sales teams in fascinating ways.

Using the Salesforce™ suite of products, our clients now have the power to:

  • make detailed beat/journey plans for their field teams
  • execute and track these plans with a high amount of granularity and control
  • accept orders from customers right on mobile device during the visit
  • see detailed reports, real-time and easy-to-build

An implementation that enables these (and more) usually takes us about 10 weeks – including detailed workshops and building from scratch each time. This renders the whole exercise to be time-consuming and elaborate. Also, there is an upfront implementation fee, which sometimes becomes expensive for smaller customers.

Our team at ET Marlabs realized, there are a large number of companies that are looking for a solution like this.

With our experience and expertise in this area, there was opportunity for us to build a product in this space which could:

  • Speed up implementations
  • Move from a cap-ex to an op-ex model for clients. The wildly successful pay-as-you-go model of could be available on this solution
  • create a democratic offering where clients only pay based on the number of users
  • Remove the need to afford a lump sum upfront spend
  • Enable every client to get the best-in-class offerings well within their budgets. (Actually, within a budget that has paid for itself within as little as 3 days of usage in one case)
  • Give an all new jaw-dropping, super-exciting, fabulous top secret feature that we’re saying little about, until we release it (about 3 months from now)

We got cracking right away and started to put all our knowledge in this space down into a list. This list then got a strong approval and support from the team at

Our own developers and business analysts at ET Marlabs too were excited about offering this to the market. A go-ahead from our Board and validation from a few potential customers came through, and viola…

SandD was born!

Author: Maulik Doshi

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