ETians go to India’s First Testathon and Rock it

  • Posted by: Arpita Bhawal

On May 14, 2016, India’s first Testathon, similar to a hackathon, for testers, was conducted by Global App Testing and Facebook at the Facebook office in Hyderabad. This group of volunteers who put together this first-of-its-kind event in India are a bunch of people who are passionate about Software Testing. This was the fifth Testathon in a series of events that have already been conducted at London, Stockholm, San Francisco and Cluj Napoca (the second most populous city in Romania after Bucharest, the capital).

Two ETians from ET Marlabs participated in the Testathon. They were selected amongst a huge number of applicants from across India and well-known IT companies; then, they got further shortlisted to join the final 50!

Surbhi Aul (Test Lead) and Madhuri Vasanth (Senior Test Analyst) boarded a plane early morning on Saturday and flew to join the other talented participants of the Testathon. At the event, they tested a series of amazing apps with the best testers in the country, all of whom were competing to win. They also used the opportunity to network with other testers and learned from industry best practices.

At the Testathon, the best testers walked away with a load of prizes such as phones, tablets, and smart watches among other things. Ronald Cummings John, QA Tester Evangelist & Co-Founder at Global App Testing congratulated all the winners. Surbhi won a prize for being the “Most Active QA on Social Media” during the event.

Surbhi talking about her experience after receiving the prize at Testathon, “ ‘Winning means, you are willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else’. I was waiting to participate in this event since the last two years. When we got the news that it was happening in India, without wasting a single minute, I went ahead and registered. Getting selected in this event itself was a milestone for me, and my intention to participate in this event was to gain experience and know our testing community. But, winning an award is a great achievement! Testathon gave me an amazing experience and a chance to collaborate with different testers. Winning an award in this competition has also given a boost to my thirst for knowledge, to go out there and participate in the other similar competitions.”

Madhuri was thrilled to go for the event. She said, “I am extremely happy that I got an opportunity to attend India’s first Testathon. I am proud that my application was selected among the top 50 testers. I got a chance to meet testers from different companies across India. It was wonderful exposure to test various applications on multiple devices and networks along with other testers within a specified time limit. It was an awesome experience to test amazing applications, which will definitely help improve my testing skills. The hosts from Global App Testing were highly energetic, which really helped us to perform focused testing. I thank my Test Lead Surbhi for letting me know about such an event, and ET Marlabs, for supporting us.”

The culture in ET Marlabs supports learning at every level of an individual’s career. Fellow ETians are very proud of Surbhi and Madhuri for not just demonstrating their skills and talent, but also living the Core Value of the company, which encourages everyone to “Be Extraordinary”.

Author: Arpita Bhawal

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