Consumerization of Enterprise Apps

  • Posted by: Sanchay Banerjee

Back in the day, you left work at work and that was it. Those days are long gone, as we now take our work with us everywhere: home, dinner dates, vacation, and everywhere in between. And it’s all because of our mobile devices.

All the things that used to be done at our work desk can now be done on our phones and tablets. You don’t even need a work-issued laptop anymore, because you can just type up that report on your mobile device that you carry around anyway. Because of this, businesses are more and more inclined to make their own Enterprise apps to work with employees’ personal devices.

This solves a few problems for employers:

1. It is a huge cost saving over the long haul, by having employees use their own phones rather than a separate company-issued phone. This will also cut down on employee complaints about what phone they have, since they get to make their own choice. Now, if they don’t like their phone, it’s their own fault.

2. By creating a ‘User Experience’ that mimics what a consumer app user is accustomed to, the employee will find the application easier to work with and get more out of it. Creating an app aimed at the larger consumer market ensures a more welcoming ‘User Interface’ or UI when compared to something designed specifically for an internal audience.

3. By having employees use enterprise apps internally, the company is able to make sure that they are secure. This is probably the most important aspect of all, as when employees are using third party software with customer sensitive data, there is a potential for a security leak. We have all seen in recent years how damaging that can be to a company.

It is always going to be in the best interest of the company to keep the data, and therefore the applications used in-house, if at all possible. The main goal for companies continues to be making their Enterprise Applications as user-friendly as possible.

With employees using their personal phones, they will surely have no qualms about going elsewhere in the App or Play Stores to find what they need if their company is not providing it.

When it comes to productivity, employees do not feel they are in an exclusive relationship. They will date around and see whom they like best if their needs are not being met. That is why companies need to focus on their own enterprise app development and on mimicking the top consumer applications when it comes to user interface and productivity. This will keep their employees from straying, keep their bottom lines down, and keep their data as safe as possible.

Author: Sanchay Banerjee

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