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  • Posted by: Sharath Krishnaraj

I have been working with ET Marlabs since 2012, when the company was named “Extentor” and when we were around 10-12 of us, working out of a small business centre in Electronic City. Through this blog, I’d like to take you through my journey in ET Marlabs and give you a glimpse into what you can experience here.

The Work

I started out with Extentor (as it was called then) as a senior developer. I had left a well-established product development company to join Extentor. It was a huge risk at that time, as Extentor was an unknown entity at the time. Extentor was doing offshore operations for an Australian partners in those early days. I was hired to start working on a product/accelerator called “Field Effectiveness Solution”.

This required me to work with a seasoned Salesforce consultant and with a client who knew exactly how to push our limits. Technically, it involved me to learn REST-based integrations, Google MAP APIs and how to work with mobile apps. Being a small company, we didn’t have the luxury of having many experienced hands and I was also tasked with grooming freshers on Salesforce development as well.

There was so much learning for me from that time – I learnt more in my first 6 months, than my first two years as a developer. This gave the confidence that I could achieve a lot with Extentor.

Soon, the responsibilities increased as the business started growing. I started working on Australian projects and soon got an opportunity to go onsite to Sydney. It was an amazing experience where I got to work with clients closely. Once back, I started multi-tasking – working on projects and also in setting up Salesforce for our internal use. We use Salesforce internally for leave management & project management.

This experience helped me work with more developers in the company and helped me in honing my leadership skills. The transition from a senior developer to “team lead” was quick, but the learnings were a lot. Pretty soon, I started to manage projects, small and large with timely help from Praveen our Chief Delivery Officer, and Sreekanth our COO. Apart from my daily work, Extentor has always encouraged us to take Certifications. I have been lucky to have cleared a host of certifications including the famed “Dev 501” certification.

The Fun

George, our CEO, encourages all of us to maintain a healthy life. We have Yoga sessions every week and regular 5km/10km runs that the company participates in.

HR came in soon after me and set about building a fun culture which to this day is preserved and enjoyed. We came up with the concept of “Fun Fridays” that got us to work in small teams and compete in fun games weekly.

This brought about a family-like environment which is still a hallmark of the company’s culture. The fun never seems to stop with a host of activities that help us maintain a good work-life balance – we have had numerous cricket matches with other companies, laser-tag games, off-sites and parties that help us unwind. The festivals are celebrated with aplomb. Holi, Onam, Christmas, Diwali & Valentine’s day celebrations are always special.

It’s become a tradition to chase one of the fittest persons – Sreekanth during Holi, just to smear him with colors and water. Christmas parties are full of fun and frolic – lots of dancing and masti. These days, even the “Secret Santa” games leading up to Christmas throws a lot of surprises and memorable moments.

The Outcome

The work and fun breaks in-between helps us do what we do best – deliver client bliss. Over the last 4 years, as “Extentor”, “Extentor Tquila” & now as “ET Marlabs” (or, in short, “ET” as is fondly known) we have delivered some really amazing projects for companies like Bosch, DTDC, Brigade, CEAT, Adani, Pearson, UB to name a few . As a “project manager” I was personally involved in getting CEAT, one of the widest implementations of Salesforce, across the line. The client testimonials we have got from our clients are testaments to the great work we do at ET.

To summarize, my journey has been a memorable one – where I have learnt something new at every step. I continue to learn as I grow along with this organization. This is what ET has to offer anyone who is willing to go the extra mile – a springboard to your career filled with numerous wonderful moments.

It throws you numerous opportunities to THINK. DO. & EXCEED.

Author: Sharath Krishnaraj

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