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Pearson has chosen as its global transformation platform and ET Marlabs as the implementation partner in the region.





Ujjwal Singh – Vice President Products K-12, Sudhir Rao – Vice President & CTO and Anand Kumar – Technology Portfolio Director, PMO talk about Pearson’s K–12 Transformation project and how ET Marlabs and have helped them inculcate a data driven culture and a mobile workforce with instant decision making capability.

Pearson is the world’s largest education company, with 40,000 employees in more than 70 countries. Pearson provides a range of education products and services to institutions, governments and direct to individual learners, that help people everywhere aim higher and fulfil their true potential.



ET Marlabs has earned a fabulous endorsement from CEAT, which speaks volumes of its capability.




ET Marlabs has earned a fabulous endorsement from CEAT, which speaks volumes of its capability. Arnab Banerjee – Executive Director, Niranjan Bhalivade – CIO & Tamal Saha – Senior Vice President talk about their transformation project and their experience with ET Marlabs and

CEAT is a leading tyre manufacturer with presence in global markets and has a manufacturing capacity of over 95,000+ tyres per day. CEAT accelerates movement with the finest tyres known for their tough, smooth and secure grip on roads. It manufactures high-performance world-class radials for a wide variety of vehicles.




MAHYCO stays at the forefront of Innovation and Technology through Salesforce implementation



Anil Nadkarni, CIO of Mahyco, speaks about the recent Salesforce implementation done by ET Marlabs for them and why Maycho chose over other products in the marketplace.


Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Limited (Mahyco) is focused on research and development, production, processing, and marketing of seeds for India’s gigantic farming fraternity. Founded in 1964, Mahyco is not only the pioneer of high quality hybrid and open pollinated seeds, it has also revolutionized the agrarian face of the country.