The world’s largest education company creates a unified view of their diverse customer groups to drive business better

The world’s largest education company employs 40,000 employees in more than 70 countries, helping people of all ages to make measurable progress in their lives. It provides a range of education products and services to institutions, governments and direct to individual learners that help people everywhere aim higher and fulfill their true potential.                  

The company deals with multiple audiences for which maintaining a single database is challenging and tedious. Also, there is a clear necessity to enable collaboration, discussion and sharing of information between teams to develop and increase business.


The key challenges faced by the company were:

• There was no single, unified, school database.
• The Customer Enquiry Management process not automated and streamlined.
• There was no visibility for the Inside Sales & BD teams.
• There were multiple systems for Sales & Marketing and Service Fulfillment on which one had to rely and none of them talked to each other.
• Decision making was completely based on offline reports and excel sheets.

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Business Goals

The company’s business goal was to create a unified view of their customers at all points of time and across all stages for their Sales team.

Also, it wanted to enable their Internal Sales and Service teams to perform their duties better, thereby improving productivity. The other goals were aligned to the company’s growth plans which included increasing the revenue from the India business, being the single source of information for all business verticals, and making decisions using visual representation of Sales foot print across India.


ET Marlabs recommended the Service Cloud system which would be used for Sales, Marketing, and Service Fulfillment & Service Operations.

Our approach was aimed towards streamlining the schools’ databases and setting up processes to handle the company’s multiple business verticals and product lines within the same system. The company’s management team will access from their mobile devices for their planning and execution of day to day activities as well as make informed decisions.


Most prominent ones are:

• The company, worldwide, is a global user of Salesforce and have identified as a single CRM for all their branches. So the solution will be rolled out across North America, Core (other mature markets) and Growth Markets (India, China, Brazil, and South Africa).
• We provided consultancy for a new product line (MyPedia), which has identified road maps for SFDC implementation for Sales, Marketing and Service Fulfillment.
Apart from the implementation activities for the India arm of the company, ET Marlabs is driving the engagement for Service Operations in China and South Africa.

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