India’s leading brewery instils pride in the brand by aiding their field force

India’s leading brewery has an association with brewing dating back over nine decades. Today is the undisputed ‘King’ in the Indian beer market. Its flagship brand of beer has achieved international recognition consistently, and has won many awards in International Beer Festivals. Its alliance with the largest global beer brand offers consumers the best portfolio of national and international brands in India.

The brewery is committed to achieve the best outcome in their initiative which involves aiding their Sales force in the field. The objective was to help them become more productive with their work, while filling them with a strong sense of ‘pride’ for the brand they work with.


Some of the key challenges faced by the brewery were:

• The challenge of dealing with mundane activities for the field Sales Engineers during their outlet/wholesale/depot visits.
• High risk for all the brands as it is dependent on the relationship between outlet owners and sales engineers.
• The Sales team was not equipped with adequate market knowledge or information to influence a sales push to a specific SKU.
• Data captured during outlet visits was not being processed further. The brewery’s Sales strategy based on data received from third party or the government which could be incomplete or inaccurate.

Business Goals

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The most important goal for the brewery was to have a system of use, which was easy and accessible to the Field Force. More importantly, it wanted its people to be proud of the brand they were working for and feel privileged for the strong backing it was giving to the Field Force.

Apart from this, the brewery wanted the Field Force to have access to real-time information to be able to execute actions effectively. The Plan, Execute and Analyze Activity/Visits were also very important factors as was Campaign management. The Field Force was also to have historic Sales information and specifications for reference and get a Mobile & Cloud-based innovative platform that they could use anytime, anywhere.


ET Marlabs recommended a Perfect-call Resulting In Driving Excellence (PRIDE), a integrated automation system.

To do this, we created a custom Mobile App that captures all the information from an outlet visit. The management and analytics team take control of this data, so as to make it more actionable and meaningful. Rich in visuals and branding, the Mobile App becomes a simple yet powerful tool in the Sales process for the Field Force.


Most prominent ones are:

• Single application for capturing all information related to sales and marketing.
• Targeted and specific campaigns, visibility and promotions.
• Improved Sales productivity and efficiency of operations.
• Better tracking of Campaign Management/Market development activities.
• Improved follow-up process, and hence, satisfied customers.
• Clear visibility in revenue pipeline, leading to better predictability in revenue forecasting.

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