A leading Indian tyre company creates a breakthrough custom Mobile App that changes the way it does business

One of India’s leading tyre manufacturers with presence in global markets, and a manufacturing capacity of over 95,000+ tyres per day, offers tyres to all vehicle segments and manufactures radials.  Their customers include: Heavy-duty Trucks and Buses, Light Commercial Vehicles, Earthmovers, Forklifts, Tractors, Trailers, Cars, Motorcycles and Scooters as well as Auto-rickshaws.      

The company, which belongs to a large business house in India, wanted to change the way it does business with its customers.


Some of the key challenges faced by the company were:

• The business processes of the company were scattered across systems.
• All the data was being captured on excel sheets by individuals and groups.
• There was no visibility into sales activities of Sales Agents, making it difficult to assess and track.
• The Field Agents had no visibility into stock or the discount schemes offered by the company.

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Business Goals

One of the primary business goals of the company was to create an effective CRM system for all its stakeholders across Sales, Services and Marketing on a unified platform.

The Management team was required to drive the Sales initiative. There was a clear need for a Unified Platform for Field Agents to access data. The Sales and Services teams needed to view their Visit Plans on mobile devices. The company needed its Dealers, and Distributors to collaborate with it to raise orders, complaints, track performance, discounts.

It was also necessary to have the Managers and Field Agents view their category targets and plan sales, and the Field Force to track tyre (product) performance.


ET Marlabs recommended Salesforce Service Cloud to integrate the entire Sales and Services for the company.

We did the integration with SAP to give Field Agents insight into Sales actuals, inventory stock, pricing etc. to aid their sales process. A custom Mobile App was designed to track tyre performance. Also another Mobile App was designed to capture action logs and customer locations on visits and a portal using Communities for Dealers was done for exception management.


Most prominent ones are:

• Visibility into sales activities of the Field Agents for the management.
• Driving Sales by using insight gathered from Targets v/s Planned v/s Actuals.
• Engaging dealers and customers effectively by collaborating with them on Communities.
• Enabling Field Agents to sell better by providing details on stocks, pricing and discount schemes, and helping them add details easily on the go via the Mobile App in online/offline mode.
The tyre company has successfully implemented a robust Salesforce.com solution and changed the way it does business and helps to increase the productivity of its people.

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