A leader in the agriculture business automates the sales process saving time and minimizing effort for its people

A leader in the Agriculture business, and having the largest distribution network among all edible oil players in India wanted to move away from a manual Sales management system to an automated one.

With more than 90 stocking points, 5000 distributors, 1 million retail outlets, with a 10% penetration, it appeared to be a Herculean task for the company to get everyone on the same page and cut time and effort for routine tasks.


The key challenges for this business house were:

• The manual process of updating tour plans, expenses etc. on excel sheets which led to a slower turn-around time.
• There was no real time visibility on orders taken and visit tracking.
• There were no proactive reports or a consolidated view, thus the business heads got no accurate view of team productivity and efficiency levels.
• Lack of prompts/alerts which resulted in slower response.
• No mechanism to capture feedback from Distributors.
Business Goals

The company’s overall goal was to automate and streamline the Sales process, right from the start to finish.

Besides this, it wanted provision to plan monthly visits and tours, capture tour expenses and details on a daily basis, create orders and monitor stocks, send back competitor information to the BI team and analyze targets.


ET Marlabs recommended Force.com1 Light on Sales Cloud for mobile devices which is a Hybrid Application for offline usage.

The Optimal Database Design helped in avoiding additional purchase of licenses. We also recommended custom-built Reports to meet unique needs for this scalable model to provide for future requirements.


Most prominent ones are:

• User friendly, touch-based application with minimal no. of Screens and Navigation.
• Instant availability of Data on Daily Sales, Targets and Expenses.
• Advantage of a flexible Tour Planning.
• Availability of consolidated Data and Reports instantaneously for Managers & the Management Team.
• 360 degree view of Data for various Reports, rather than Standard SF Reports.
• Hybrid Application to ensure Sales Activities are performed even when Internet connectivity is not available.
The company’s decision to move into a tablet-based Sales application for its fleet Sales team, and BI for senior management was made possible with Salesforce.com.

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