A hospital effectively channelizes leads from multiple sources to ensure top quality service to patients

In little over a decade, a well-known healthcare group was started by a renowned surgeon in Bangalore. The group grew exponentially into a multiple location hospital network with 26 hospitals across 16 cities in India with nearly 7000 beds as on date.

The network currently caters to 80,000 patients per month and performs 3500 surgeries. It also has international subsidiaries in Malaysia and Cayman Islands, North America. The group’s flagship hospital in Bangalore has India’s largest Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Dialysis units with tertiary care expertise in Liver, Kidney and Heart transplants and one of the world’s largest heart hospitals having performed the largest number of successful pediatric heart surgeries in the world.

The hospital receives queries from multiple channels and serves patients from all over the world who need to be attended for a long period of time, sometimes stretching into months. One of the most important goals of the hospital was to acquire the ability to give prospective patients a uniform quality of service across their engagement period.


There were some broad challenges that the hospital was dealing with:
The existing hospital database not being utilized to its full potential.
The Customer Enquiry Management process not automated nor streamlined.
Employees were using various formats on excel sheets and capturing information manually.

As a result of this, there was lack of visibility across the patient pipeline, which further cascaded into an overall scenario of low productivity. The BD and Marketing teams’ performance also suffered. Finally, the doctors were also not getting appropriate recognition.

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Hospital’s Goal

The management team decided to do something for their internal sales and service teams which would not only make their jobs easier, but also help them to perform their duties better, thereby improving overall productivity.

The hospital’s business goal was to use technology as a key enabler for achieving the hospital’s productivity goals and to build and support a robust patient management process; streamlining the Enquiry Management System to give the hospital’s 360 degree view of its patients was critical.


ET Marlabs suggested a Query Management System that would be designed and set-up in a way that the multiple funnels of lead sources could be configured on Saleforce.com. The solution we suggested was based on the Salesforce.com Sales Cloud system.

• Since pricing was one of the important influencers in drawing customers, packages including allied features were also included in the solution.
• To provide a unified view of customers’ information, integration with existing hospital management system was also completed.


Most prominent ones were:

• Single system for capturing all prospects.
• Targeted and specific marketing campaigns.
• Better ROI on campaigns run.
• Increased productivity of sales team leading to increased foot-falls.
• Improved follow-up process and hence, satisfied revisits.
• Clear visibility in revenue pipeline, leading to better predictability in revenue forecasting.

The hospital greatly benefitted on several aspects from the solution we recommended towards providing high quality service to patients.

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