Empowering business and delighting customers with Salesforce

Recognised by Salesforce as the “Best Implementation Partner FY15” in India.

Think.Of the possibilities with ET Marlabs.

Think. Do. Exceed.

Empowering business and delighting customers with Salesforce

Recognised by Salesforce as the “Best Implementation Partner FY15” in India.

Distinct Company

Expect more with every Salesforce solution

We love solving complex business problems and at the end of every project, leave our clients smiling. At ET Marlabs, we design solutions that aim to exceed expectations. You can also do more because Salesforce equips us to deliver to the ever-changing dynamics of business. Every solution we implement for you is geared to produce excellent results.

Extraordinary Service

Deliver to the pace of your business

Our extraordinary scrum method makes it possible for us to deliver what you want within a very short span of time. We average an unbelievable two-week timeline to demonstrate the transformational work on your business. All ET Marlabs developers are certified to bring on their ‘A’ game. Many hold multiple technical and functional certifications and work with our clients around the globe.

Salesforce Technology

Work as you go with teams and partners

Working with Salesforce, the world’s most innovative company, allows us to create customer success platforms and products that make a real difference, in real time. In today’s world, where every solution is an app on your mobile, ET Marlabs works with you to create them for functions like HR, IT, Sales, Operations and Marketing to solve a variety of problems.

Think. Do. Exceed.Of the possiblities with ET Marlabs.


When we got the Best Salesforce Implementation Partner Award for FY15 in India, we knew it is a reinforcement of our hard work, conviction and contribution to the industry in the past three years. What makes us happier is that we won this award while doing some great work for our clients, and bringing a smile to their faces.


ET Marlabs is a 100% Salesforce focused company with deep capabilities that we have built on the platform. Since we are totally committed to Salesforce.com and are deeply passionate about its advanced eco-system, we make sure that we know everything there is to it. We provide services and solutions that help you to achieve ultimate Customer-Centricity. In fact, we (Marlabs and ET) came together to realise the full potential of our own synergy, which is ‘Customer-centricity’. The best part is that you can take advantage of our cumulative work experience from having delivered ‘Client Bliss’ in over a 100 projects across 15 verticals in the past year.


We are ET Marlabs, a Salesforce Gold Cloud Alliance Partner. We are also recognised by Salesforce.com as the “Best Implementation Partner FY15” in India. We are an extraordinary team of cloud-based solution experts who work real hard to bring you the best results, for breathing new life into your business, and bringing joy to your customers on the Salesforce platform.

Marlabs, an US based digital technology solutions provider, has acquired a stake in our company, to pursue our common goal of building applications on the Salesforce platform that are ripe for digital disruption.


Clients Logos


“SFDC was the company who first introduced us to ET Marlabs. This is the first time we were dealing with them, but while dealing with them we realized that their knowledge level is pretty high. They understand things, and especially the team working on the project has made a huge amount of difference, they have actually put their blood into the project and has ensured it gets into successful implementation. That is the quality of people that ET Marlabs has managed to put into the project – people who could deliver.”

Anil Nadkarni, Chief Information Officer

“We initially contacted five India-based Salesforce authorized Developer Partners as well as three prominent US-based Developer Partners in our search for a new partner to take over our developmental needs on our existing org. ET Marlabs provided the fastest response, the most information relevant to our inquiries, and clear, accurate details in their answers to our questions. After engaging their services, they have continued to perform similarly, accommodating our urgent requests, performing tasks as scheduled, and providing post-call summaries and weekly PDF status reports. They have far exceeded our expectations in performance, communications, and responsiveness. In short, we feel they have bent over backwards to help us and they’ve done it for far less than their US-based counterparts would’ve charged. Highly recommended.”

   Greg Stein, Chief Executive Officer

“We evaluated various vendors from the very big to mid-sized ones and also ET Marlabs. ET was one of the principal partners of Salesforce. What critically swung the deal in their favour was that we felt they were quite flexible and were willing to work as a team; their understanding of CEAT was perhaps the best within a short span of time. That made the decision making easier.
During implementation there were a lot of roadblocks we experienced as a team, but with ET I never felt that we were working with a vendor. ET had a small, but very capable team, and they integrated very well with the CEAT team. Many times we made mistakes and changed specs, but there was an understanding from the ET team. They did not look at it from a SLA kind of relationship. Sometimes I had to side on behalf of ET Marlabs to ensure that we wouldn’t stretch it too far. The overall handholding and teamwork from ET was fantastic.”

Arnab Banerjee, Executive Director - Operations

“My experience in working with ET Marlabs was fantastic. We had an idea of what Salesforce is and a vision of what it would be for us. We were at a stage when we had data but no proper CRM working, and we expected Salesforce to fill this gap. ET first understood this gap and played it back to us. And the best thing that I liked in this whole journey is that during the process mapping, ET continuously helped us visualise the end state. And they have gone beyond the call of duty for us.”

   Ujjwal Singh, Vice President - Product

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ET Marlabs wants to expand cloud software adoption business in US

ET Marlabs, a Bengaluru-based technology services firm, is looking at overseas expansion, primarily in the US, with number of small and medium adopting cloud applications. Through ET Marlabs, Salesforce offers implementation, customization, integration, and maintenance services for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Desk.com.

ET Marlabs to double sales income to $4 million by Dec’17

ET Marlabs, a five-year-old cloud computing company, will double its sales income to $4 million by the end of December, next year. The company will be recording over $2 million in sales income for the year ending December 2016.


Do.The best for your business in a dynamic environment

Think. Do. Exceed.The best for your business in a dynamic environment


Simplify the process of Field Force Operations

We created SandD, a new Sales & Distribution product that works in tandem with Salesforce Enterprise Edition. Most present day Sales & Distribution management systems are not compatible to exchange information with other systems. We designed SandD on a network model that allows systems to speak to one another and takes less than two weeks to deploy at one-fourth the cost. With SandD, your sales field force can plan, execute and report accurately in real-time, bringing mobility to your business and removing room for errors. Managing your field operations could now turn into a breeze because SandD does all the hard work.


Use technology to find real-time solutions now

Our mission is to partner with Salesforce.com to help our clients’ transition smoothly, from a challenging business situation into a profitable and successful one. The last thing you have to do is worry about the technology your company has already invested in. After assessing your challenges, ET Marlabs recommends solutions using technology that acts as a business transformer. We can show how to leverage the existing set of applications that are already in use, and add new ones as a layer on them to support your current requirements on the Salesforce.com platform.


Find the right Salesforce Partner in us

ET Marlabs was born in the cloud with Salesforce.com. Our founders believe in the disruptive Salesforce ecosystem as it helps to engage and collaborate with customers and employees in real time, streamline operations and grow footprint. You may be looking at starting your Salesforce journey, and we could be the perfect cloud-based solutions partner for you. If you already have a Salesforce.com product, we can show you how to get the most out of it. From configuration and customization of all Salesforce.com products to building applications on the Salesforce platform or Mobile Applications, we can do nearly everything for you.


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Exceed.Business profits and customer good will


Think. Do. Exceed.Business profits and customer good will



Use the certified superheroes of our Salesforce eco-system


We are proud of our team of superheroes at ET Marlabs. All our people are 100% certified Salesforce Developers. They have multiple certifications and ingenious minds. Their extraordinary drive to find solutions for any business problem, and the ability to break it down into parts before transforming it, is highly reliable and noteworthy. Our people are cloud-based solutions’ experts who use their talent, expertise, rich experience from working on vast enterprise projects and invincible attitude towards problem-solving to help your business succeed.


Empower your business with our Salesforce Expertise

ET Marlabs is a Gold Alliance Cloud Partner of Salesforce.com. It is our job to help you get the most from your Salesforce solution. We disrupt your business process, not to break it or discard, but to transform and wrap it around your customer. We help you get the best out of your current technology and applications, not by replacing your SAP or Oracle platform, but by overlaying them with a Salesforce.com technology solution or product. We are good at integrating your multiple systems of record and our solutions are easy for people to use. Before we recommend what you should do to improve operations or increase sales and profitability, we map your entire business process, advise you on how Salesforce.com can improve it, and then automate it.


Adapt and change with real-time business demands

We deliver to keep pace with the changing landscape of your business world. Just as requirements evolve on a regular basis in a dynamic marketplace, so could your customer base, business operations and processes. ET Marlab’s iterative execution method ensures that we keep up with the pace of your business, and throughout the implementation phase of the project, we continue to adjust and adapt to your needs. Our 2 week iteration cycles ensure that in most projects our clients have fortnightly deliverables. Since we deliver much faster than other companies, you benefit from the short durations of the implementation phase, saving time and money.


Look for more than a point solution

ET Marlabs can bring innovation to your business by solving multiple problems at the pace you require, and taking collaboration and automation to new heights. We build the next generation of enterprise applications and solutions, all of which stem from the clients’ needs and are focused on bringing immediate business results.

For a leading Indian express delivery company in India, we recommended a customized solution on the Salesforce.com Service cloud to address all the challenges faced by stakeholders and deliver a sound Customer Engagement Strategy that incorporated automation, integration and collaboration.

In the case of a leading builder in Southern India, which was all about connecting with customers efficiently, we designed a Call Centre Operations and Customer Portal Automation solution.

India’s third largest tyre manufacturer’s major transformational solution cut across several business areas and included consolidation of sales planning, marketing, field sales execution and operations management in real-time with a focus on data accuracy, collaboration and response time.

Our unique solution for India’s leading brewery that included the creation of a custom mobile app to gather its various complex and fragmented market types, streamline and improve operational efficiency, and capture competition data and information about market schemes.

For the most admired and second largest automotive company, we designed a Sales & Distribution mobile app from scratch to empower the sales team with a feedback tool that could replay real time market information back to the HO for immediate action. The solution is an innovation that empowers the field sales and distribution system and would lead to productivity increase, better collaboration and predictability, and higher sales.